The Local Area

Berthegon is a small but living village, once at the heart of  the Angevin empire and Eleanor of Aquitaine’s court.  Situated in the Nouvelle Aquitaine. Close by lies the town of Richelieu one of the first ‘ideal cities’ constructed in C17th under the patronage of Cardinal Richelieu.

La Ligne Verte passes through, originally a railway taking goat’s cheese and wine to markets transformed into a 37km walking and cycling trail. The locality is mainly farmland producing cereals, sunflowers and melons, there are many woodland walks nearby.

Richelieu Park bridgeThe Abbey at FontevraudChinon

Places of interest in the region

Home to Eleanor of Aquitaine’s court, Cathedral, roman ruins

Centre of the Loire area

Walled town built by Cardinal Richelieu in C17th

Chateau D’Oiron
National monument housing Europe’s largest collection of site specific art

Medieval town and Chateau

Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud, run by an Abbess and became a prison until 1963